MesterMunka Welcomes You!


My Name is Ferenc Semeniuk, I’m founded the company in 2009. Since then both the number of employees and appliance have increased.
Our plant is under constant development and makes us able to work independently, providing flexibility and accurate, prompt work.

Satisfying the clients' needs up to standard has always been our main goal.
Our major profile is the paving, due to my colleagues' considerable experience and preciseness tasks are of high quality. Besides the above mentioned paving, we undertake manual and mechanic works, asphalting and asphalt removals, roads or parking areas.
In the recent past we did the paving for several institutions.

In 2012 there was a great demand for constructing family houses, from masonry to utility connections. These projects made the enterprise take off creating the customers' and the constructor's mutual satisfaction. We take on property management for both individuals and firms.

We have a lot of returning costumers because of our high quality work, we always work with customized offers, flexible planning and implementation.

Our company is public debt free, we’re not under financial collapse, we will not cease during the work.

We're using and offering the products of Leier to our Customers!